I guess the first question would be "who do you mean by THEY ?"
Here are some comments from former patients and current clients as well as quotes or links from sources that ought to be reputable or at least impressive!

Real quick....
you changed our lives!  Your meeting with us was pivotal and so very helpful.

Thank you from Chris

Dear Patty,

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your help with my sleep issues. I have gone from a fitful night of 3 hours sleep, waking every 45 minutes, to sleeping uninterrupted!!!  

The compassion with which you treated me was amazing.  You are excellent at what you do. Thank you again for all of your patience and help. 
                          John S.
"Sweetie, you have a gift...."    Dawna

Dear Patty,
I believe the help you have provided me has contributed to my success.  I sleep better and live better.
                  Bless you,
                       Deb D.

Ms. Tucker has been one of the most enjoyable professionals I have ever had contact with.  At each appointment with her she has been courteous, professional, attentive to my concerns and a model of caring and competence.

Dave G.
You went above and beyond. I could never thank you enough.  I never forgot our talks through the years and kept all your e-mails for inspiration.  You believed in me when no one else did.


You are a very special person who helped [my husband] out so much.  He is doing well, and we really appreciate all that you did for us to get him a GOOD night sleep!!

Love -n- Laughter
P and TL

I'm so grateful to you...  What a pleasure to actually go to sleep at night and wake up on my own for the first time in my life.

When discussing the events that led up to his recent heart attack:
“I didn’t sleep much for a month,” he said. “And that probably accelerated what was already going on with this failing vein.”
      Bill Clinton

“One of the biggest problems in our society is that almost everyone has no awareness of how sleep deprivation works”
     Dr. William Dement

“Excessive hours have a terrible effect on people’s creativity. Someone’s got to pay some attention to this”
      Paul Newman, actor

Video from 
CBS Doc Dot Com on the problem of sleep deprivation.