Patty Tucker is a graduate of the Stanford School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program.  Patty has been a medical practitioner for over two decades with extensive experience in primary care, emergency medicine and surgery. Since 2001 she has specialized in sleep medicine.  Working with patients at an American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited sleep disorders center, she has helped thousands of patients find their way to restful sleep and renewed health. Passionate about the need for and benefits from healthy sleep, she now offers her expertise and gentle guidance to clients outside the medical arena.  By bringing sleep problems and possibilities out of the medical office and into the living rooms, board rooms, classrooms and playing fields of North America, Patty hopes to help everyone maximize their potential both day and night.

Before entering the healing arts Patty was involved in business management.  She has been conference director, controller and general manager of some of the most prestigious hotels on the West Coast. She has helped design and develop emergency rooms and country inns.  She has been the onsite director of medical practices and resort properties.  Patty has served as teacher, mentor, coach and consultant to medical students, small business owners and multi-state corporations. With one foot in each of the medical and business worlds, she is the perfect partner for individuals and corporations looking to improve their health and productivity by improving the quality of their rest and sleep. 

Patty and her husband Brian live in the Wine Country of California.  Kitties and koi complete their family in their peaceful countryside home.  If there are recurring themes in Patty’s life, it would seem they are health, heart and hospitality.

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